Monthly Archives: February 2017

Odyssey Dove

Oh, green. You are yummy.

This record has been sold and lives in someone’s house, but the design is available on many items on RedBubble.  It looks so awesome on a travel mug or a pillow.  Or a travel journal. Or pants!

The Rachro Redbubble Site – more items and designs will be added


I knew my chicken

Ear worm: Cibo Matto. I know my chicken. You’ve got to know your chicken.

I had the best little backyard chickens. I’ll have some again, one day.  I really miss them—especially my little golden Carrie Brownstein who was the smartest, sweetest, friendliest chicken who laid the hugest eggs every single day. Even in the winter. She never missed a day. She was like a sweet puppy. She could jump on command and would follow me around, asking to be scratched on the neck and chest. So smart.  Chickens are intelligent, fascinating, and beautiful creatures.

I drew on a plastic bin cover that protected their food.

What Now My Love

One of my many guilty pleasures is listening to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

Here is a visual dedication to his incredible music.

You’re too shy shy. Hush hush.

Made for a person who loves 80s pop.  I present: Kajagoogoo, White Feathers.

Asymmetrical Rainbow Break

I sometimes take breaks from my controlled, kaleidoscopic style and revert back to old spontaneous psychedelic ways.  Both feel good. I paint in all sorts of ways and use various methods.  This one came out well.