Monthly Archives: March 2017

New mini-batch of psychedelic magnets for your consideration 

I just finished making a new set of tiny Rachro flowscapes! They are made from repurposed dominoes and are 1″ x 2″. They are painted in an abstract, psychedelic landscape style and they are coated with a topping of resin which makes them look like shiny little candy jewels.  The sides are edged in copper leafing.  The magnet attached on the back is a super strong type that will hold up any photo or paper on a metal surface.

They are each available for purchase and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Please message me privately on my Facebook page if you have any questions.

To see them the whole collection, you are invited to visit my Facebook page, Records by Rachro.

Thanks for looking!

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Sometimes I paint tiny nebulas and spacy things

Last summer the Hubble telescope had all kinds of incredible news, and that inspired me to paint watercolor nebulas and galaxy art.  These are some of the pieces that were on display at Jude’s Old Town and at the BAAMfest art festival in Seattle.  Each nebula painting is about 3″ in diameter.  I made the circle by tracing around my coffee cup, so…whatever that size is.