To the Vinyl Purists

To the vinyl purists

*A message to the vinyl purists out there*

About painting on records…
I would never paint on a collector’s item!  My nerdrockermusician husband—who has worked in many record stores over the years—and I collect records mostly for listening, not just painting.  Unlike many modern worshipers of the almighty mp3, we actually use our turntable quite often.  Like………A LOT.
We.  Love.  Music.
I cannot say it any plainer.

We are musicians and music appreciators…we talk about it, sing it, play it, breathe it, and sometimes dream about it.
Music is like air or food or water to us, or even a religion.

It goes without saying that we are very selective about which records get turned into visual art. It is not a light decision.Many times on our vinyl search and rescue missions, we acquire records for our listening pleasure only, and not for painting, saving even more records from the landfill and from the life sentence in a grubby thrift store than planned.So NO, I do not consider painting on vinyl albums to be “sacrilegious.”  Not even close!
Not every album ever made can be a sacred and unique snowflake or auditory masterpiece.  But – the records that others have discarded, disrespected, scratched, and trashed can enjoy being appreciated like they never were before, once I transform them into visual art.

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